Back to School tips.. late edition.

School is here!! Which means waking up early and getting back into the “normal” routine(s) of things. Whenever school time rolls around I personally had mixed feelings. 1st, I was part Excited to begin a new chapter in my life. 2nd, that means summer is Official Over. Let us have a moment of silence for summer 2016, please. It’s going to be okay y’all! summer will be back in June. It’s not good bye it’s till next time. Since it is been sooome time since I have attend public school. These tips I will  stay with you until you go to college because you’ll learn some new things along the way of your college journey (that’s a blog post in itself). Without further ado…

  1.  When that time comes around of running late. You can’t skip breakfast. If you are running late and you really don’t have time for breakfast grab an oatmeal or cereal bar. These are truly lifesavers. These come in different flavors can find these almost at any food store.
  2. If your like me, I tend to do A lot of midnight surfer on my cell. Looking at Pinterest or watching YouTube videos. Wake and see that your alarm went off but kept on pressing snooze.. Right before you go to bed, Set the alarm (put the alarm to the loudest it can go). Next, instead of putting it close to you. Put it away from you. So, when the alarm goes off it’s going to force you get up and walk over to turn it off.
  3. To add a bit of time for getting ready in the early mornings. Lay out the clothing you want to wear the next  day the night before.

There you have it, let me know if you want some more ideas for the school year. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. What are some of your tips you’ll like to share with us. love y’all and have a great weekend! T.G.I.F

Xo Courtney